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Because expertise isn't the only thing. It's everything.

Canon Discovery Services has been serving law firms and corporate clients for more than 20 years. We offer a team of skilled discovery professionals to manage discovery and investigatory projects, meet tight deadlines and develop plans that stay within budget.

Why Law Firms and In-house Legal Departments Choose Canon for Their Complex Discovery Matters

Cost and Risk Reduction
Our approach spans repeatable, comprehensive processes; technology and consulting services. We leverage these resources to help clients implement effective solutions while reducing risk and cost. 

We address our clients’ needs by deploying the right people, process and technology. This includes asking questions and carefully listening to the answers so that we have deep insight into what our clients require to succeed. This clarity enables us to make recommendations that can increase efficiency. 

Quality Assurance
One element that differentiates Canon is our years of experience supporting discovery needs in different types of matters. Based on this experience, we implement quality control procedures that ensure the accuracy of our services. A litigation or investigation can pose many challenges. We help clients meet these challenges by delivering data-driven results that support sound business decisions.

Another benefit of teaming with Canon is that we offer the most effective tools to help support our clients. Whether our own CaseData document review system or another solution, our industry knowledge and technical expertise enable us to deploy the best tool to “solve the problem.” When handling ESI, we can use technology to understand the data and support its movement through the different phases of the EDRM.

Canon’s Practice Technology and Discovery Services
The Canon Discovery Services team offers substantial experience in electronic discovery and litigation support. Our experts have been principals in top-tier electronic discovery companies, eDiscovery attorneys and directors of litigation support at AM Law 50 law firms. They have also constructed centralized evidence response systems for Fortune 100 companies. Our Delivery Services team directly supports clients in designing, developing and implementing eDiscovery solutions that help law firms and corporate legal departments handle electronic evidence. Our expertise comprises managing and integrating components of existing electronic discovery operations, processes and technology.


About Canon Discovery Services

Canon Discovery Services has a skilled, dedicated team of discovery professionals with a proven track record in solving complex discovery matters. Backed by over twenty years of experience, we help law firms and corporate legal departments develop practical, defensible eDiscovery response plans to support successful outcomes. Our services range from ESI processing, culling and analysis, document review, hosting and production to implementing information governance and readiness response programs.